Dimensión 4

Enjoy an unmatched 4D experience!


Enjoy being the leading character in a 4D experience!

2019 films:

Bigfoot’s son: Adam, a lonely teenager, will discover that his father lives deep in the forest and is… Bigfoot! Both will make up for lost time and will face the threat posed by the greedy hunters. Join them and experience the adventure of your life!

Robinson: la huida (NEW): Vuelve Robinson Crusoe, el joven náufrago que fue rescatado por piratas en alta mar. ¿Cómo llegó a la isla y qué ocurrió después?

Who dares Dimensión 4?

Intensity Medium
Heights allowed Over 0.9 m.

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Acceso Express Do not queue up and enter without waiting
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PRM access Access trhough exit lane with an accompanying person
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