El Desafío

Enjoy the magnificent views of Isla Mágica and Seville!

Ride it and enjoy the magnificent views of Isla Mágica and Seville from the top of the tower, and feel the emotion of falling from a height of 68 metres.

The Desafio has six different modes of operation that change over the day. This allows it to suit the entire family, with different intensities ranging from the panoramic mode –low intensity- to the pojo mode, only suitable to the most adventurous ones. You can check the time table of the different modes at the entrance of the attraction, be sure to choose the one the fits you best!

Operation mode:
Panorámico (low intensity), Sube y baja (medium intensity), Yo-yó (medium intensity), Olé (medium intensity), Doble yo-yó (high intensity), Pojo (high intensity).

Who dares El Desafío?

Intensity High
Heights allowed Over 1.4 m. Maximum height 1.92 m.
Limitaciones de edad Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.
Not recommended for people with recent surgery, casts, with heart problems, hypertension, back or pregnant women.
+ See the general conditions of use of the attractions

Services to enhance your experience

Acceso Express Do not queue up and enter without waiting
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PRM access Access trhough exit lane with an accompanying person
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