Giovanni Cran, scientist, adventurer and poet, has promised his wife Tartugglia that this will be his last expedition: He just must arrive at the mysterious Magic Lake, fight the creatures inhabiting it, defeat the god Chronos, and take from him the golden sand to achieve his big dream: To defeat time. She will not let him go… at least alone.

You can watch this show... Every day during the season, except on schooldays (closing time 19:00 h.). See show programme.
Type of show: Multimedia and action
Duration of the show; 20'
Suggestions: Come well in advance if you want to watch it seated. The show takes place in a large open venue and can be seen from different places.

Venue: El Anfiteatro del Lago

Experience music, equestrian and multimedia shown on the marvellous Lake. There are large-capacity, open-air stands.

Capacity: 2000

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