Motín: La venganza de Barbanegra

In the heat of the Guarida de los Piratas there will be a frenetic fight between Captain Cuervo and Captain Barbanegra.

A new action show with acrobatics, gun shots, impossible jumps and a lot of emotion, in which the audience will be part of the crew.

You can watch this show... Every day during the season, except on schooldays (closing time 19:00 h.). See show programme.
Type of show: Action
Duration of the show; 25 min. aprox.
Suggestions: Come early enough to get a good seat. Be careful, because in the first rows… you may get splashed!

Venue: La Fragata

Experience a true pirate mutiny life. Lots of action on a ship docked in the port of the Guarida de los Piratas.

Capacity: 700

Motín: La venganza de Barbanegra in images