Temudjin, el águila dorada

Temüjin Genghis Khan, the first Great Khan of the Mongol tribes, was also one of the first falconers. In order to survive a punishment imposed upon him by his enemies he had to become ally with an eagle in order to obtain food in the Asian steppes and this resulted in the alliance between men and eagles that over time became known as falconry.

You can watch this show... Every day during the season, except on schooldays (closing time 19:00 h.). See show programme.
Type of show: Birds of prey
Duration of the show; 25 min. aprox.
Suggestions: El Circo del Cóndor can host a large audience. Do not worry if you cannot find a seat in the first rows. The birds of prey will fly over you and you will be able to seem them up close no matter where you are.
Doors close: During the show the doors of the site will remain closed.

Venue: El Circo del Cóndor

The most amusing shows for children and adults. The home to Isla Mágica’s birds of prey. There is a large amphitheatre.

Capacity: 1200

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