Will you be the most skilful explorer in the New World?

Test your skills…

Sevilla, Puerto de Indias


Play fountain.

La Guarida de los Piratas


Hit the target like a true pirate and activate original special effects.

Puerta de América

El Cibernauta

Virtual Reality room for the more virtual explorers.

La Guarida de los Piratas

El Refugio de Morgan

Fun water area with interactive games for the entire family. Captain Morgan’s hideout has plenty of waterjets to throw water at any other explorer daring to cross in front of you.

Puerta de América

La Escuela del Navegante

You will learn to remote control a ship in this mini-cove.

Puerta de América

Pistolas de agua

Enjoy using this waterjets on the intrepid Anaconda travellers.

La Fuente de la Juventud

Tutti Frutti

Visit the big tree with games and slides resembling giant dragons in the heart of Fuente de la Juventud. Its roots and crown spray water to cool off everyone coming close to it. For children between 4 and 10 years old.

Puerta de América

Zona de juegos

Show your skills in the many games located in the Barraca del Indiano: Mechanical bull, rings, balloon war and other amusements for all ages.