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La Fuente de la Juventud

Capitán Pacopico: el origen

A show that combines puppets and real characters telling the story of how a Young, funny and bold parrot, Pacopico, becomes the Captain of Isla Mágica.

Puerta de América

El arte de Andalucía a caballo

Masterful exhibition of horse dressage by Carmelo Cuevas and beautiful flamenco acts with horses as protagonists.

La Fuente de la Juventud

El guitarrista de Hammelin

Have fun with this animation for the younger ones! Sing and dance entertaining songs at the Fuente de la Juventud.

Sevilla, Puerto de Indias

El joven Murillo

A young and passionate Bartolomé Esteban Murillo rushes to the streets in search of models for his paintings.

El Dorado

Es tiempo de magia

An amazing performance with top level magic shows.

Puerta de América


Great show of the Lake with state-of-the-art technology, special effects, laser, fireworks, stunts, etc.

Sevilla, Puerto de Indias

La comedia de los enredos

Performance of a typical theatre work of the Golden Century in a precise reproduction of a "Corral de Comedias" that will delight all audiences.

Puerta de América

La vuelta al mundo en canciones

A musical where performers sign and dance songs from different places in the world.

Puerta de América

Merlín y los magos del Tiempo

Live an epic story with three powerful magicians!
State-of-the-art laser technology, video mapping, magic and fantasy.

La Guarida de los Piratas

Motín: La venganza de Barbanegra

A new action show with acrobatics, gun shots, impossible jumps and a lot of emotion, in which the audience will be part of the crew.

Sevilla, Puerto de Indias

Ni adivina ni ná

Fortune-teller Zoraida is the perfect choice if you want to know your future. She reads the cards in a very odd manner, she is exaggerated, funny and has a very, very strange assistant.

La Guarida de los Piratas

Piratas Fashion Week

A crazy comedy to enjoy the pirate fashion!

Know the most famous and extravagant fashion designer in the Caribbean.

El Dorado

Temudjin, el águila dorada

A show in which more than birds of prey that will fly over the audience.